Since my undergraduate study my work has focused upon the many faceted and complex relationships between humans and non-human animals. This encompasses a diverse range of aesthetic and intellectual concerns, ranging from the representation of animals in visual culture, to the ethics of utilising biotechnology as a medium in contemporary art. Central to my practice is a continuous exploration of the uneasy relationship between the notions of attraction and repulsion, for example, how we can find the texture of fur soft and pleasant, and yet recoil when we discover it is the skin of a dead animal. Most recently these two central concerns have fused in an exploratory project investigating the uneasy, uncomfortable, and often volatile relationship between human beings and insect life. This body of photographic and collage works examines the impact of, and response to, the permeation of these many-legged trespassers into our collective living spaces and our individual psyches.

Makes Me End Where I Begun (2016)
Casualties 02 (2013)